Can I help you see your novel's big picture?

If you're a writer, you're immersed in the details of creating characters, refining your plot, and editing your grammar and spelling. Often writers aren't able to see the big-picture aspects of their own work.

I will read your work, analyze it, and provide a detailed evaluation of your story concept and plot elements. I'll advise you if the story idea works, and whether it all comes together as a satisfying read. I'll offer constructive and honest feedback. 

Some additional services: 
Brainstorming: novel titles, new novel ideas, and character names. 
Fact-checking and research.

I don't provide: line edits, copy edits, proofreading, or rewrites. I can refer you to an excellent editor for those services. 

There are many talented literary professionals skilled at seeing the trees. I see the forest.

Whether you're a new writer, or a seasoned, multi-published author, if you think I can help you, please feel free to contact me. References are available upon request.

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